Single load Cards - Gift Cards

TapTap Joy - Wearable :

Celebrate that ‘moment of giving’ by gifting the coolest wearable band ever.

TapTap Joy- Virtual :

Celebrate that ‘moment of shopping’ on ecommerce sites.

TapTap Joy-Physical (EMV Card ) :

Celebrate that ‘moment of Gifting & Shopping’ on Physical & ecommerce sites.

Wearable products :

Bands, Straps and Loops. & Striking Attractive colours.

Reloadable Cards – General Purpose Use al All Places

TapTap D’lite Wearable :

The true sense of D’lite is to have your hands free ‘Wear your money don't Carry it’ moment.

TapTap D’lite Physical :
  • Celebrate that ‘moment of shopping’ on ecommerce sites The trendiest way to do your payments by simply loading your funds from any of your bank accounts/debit cards/credit cards through UPI or net banking to your TapTap D’lite reloadable cards.
  • No linking of account is necessary, you can load funds from any account.

Add the power of TapTap

  • Configurable and scalable payment options
  • Strengthen loyalty, extend benefits and add the cool quotient that appeals to a new generation of your brand's believers
  • Ensure your customers, users, partners, and/or employees are up to date

TapTap Benefits
  • Added flexibility by eliminating cash through digital contactless payments; bracelets, cards, or other fashion accessories
  • Business intelligence with transactional data
  • Lower risk liability with less touching of cash
  • Demonstrate you care about your customers and/or employees
  • Loyalty, branding, and promotion

NudgeNudge, PushPull for Brands

To connect with consumers, go contactless

Kill queues

Use TapTap at your stores or events to speed up the interactions and enhance brand experiences

Make cover charges cool

Load TapTap and let your guest party without interruptions

Enhance loyalty

Use wearables to have your customers come back for more

Nudge impulsive consumption

Supersize each experience without any payment glitches

Boost brand salience

Add the cool wearable style quotient to your brands

Get Gold! With customer data

And deliver gold with deeper insights into what your customers want

CoolCool! Corporate solutions

Seamless contactless innovations for your organisation


Go creative with wearables for the new corporates

Corporate Gifting

Add wearable style to your gift basket as an experience

Payroll and Disbursement

Use TapTap to also deliver a seamless experience that enhances your corporate stature

Attendance System/Access Control

Add a cool quotient to daily routine with wearables

Employee Incentives

Be ahead of the rest when it comes to delivering the best to your team


Seamless Customer Services with payments certified by Visa.

Reduce human interactions while enhancing customer experiences with wearable technology for
  • Ticketing
  • Access control
  • Loyalty
  • Transit

It's ideal of commute, amusement parks, malls, shopping experiences, art & music festivals and more.

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